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Innovative Curriculum on Soft Skills for Adult Learners (ICARO)

funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme

The project Innovative on Soft Skills for Adult Learners (ICARO) is funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme and aims at designing a customised training path adapted to the needs of each participant in order to get their (re)integration in labour market. ICARO will work with long-term unemployed adult learners, low-skilled and people facing difficulties to access to labour market.

ICARO goes a step beyond and it will recognize the skills acquired by the learners after the practical application of the curriculum.

On the other hand, ICARO will improve the training of adults educators / employment officers working with long-term unemployed adult learners. One key success factor in the practical implementation of ICARO methodology is the appropriate training of adult staff to be able to successfully reproduce the methodology with end-users.

ICARO Project will have an impact on the participating adult learners who will see improved their employability as well as in relevant stakeholders (labour market officers, teachers from vocational training schools, non-governmental organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises, local and national policy makers in the sphere of education). Stakeholders will extend their knowledge about soft skills development and capacities in adult education provision for increased employability.

At the end of the project we expect to deliver:

  • Transnational Report on accredited tools/programmes on soft-skills for adult learners
  • Soft skills assessment Toolkit – Personalized and Customized Service Strategy
  • Training curriculum on soft skills for unemployed adult learners
  • Handbook for Adult Staff
  • Blended learning programme – “From home to work”
  • Accreditation
  • Case studies

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