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Final Conference: From Home to Work


The Final Conference: From Home to Work will take place on 12 June at the Committee of the Regions, Brussels. This seminar will introduce the final results of the “ICARO-Innovative Curriculum on Soft Skills for Adult Learners” project. ICARO partnership has worked with long-term unemployed adult learners, low-skilled and people facing difficulties to access to the labour market in Spain, Germany, Greece and Ireland. ICARO has gone one step beyond and has put in place a recognition system for the skills acquired by the learners after the practical application of the curriculum. During the seminar partners will introduce the main results of the [...]

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From home to work: Lithuania


The pilot course “From Home to work” started in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 4 March and it will finish by 17 May. The training is coordinated by the Lithuanian partner Social Innovation Fund (SIF). This training is addressed to unemployed adult learners. to improve their employability thanks to Soft skills. In the beginning, the adult learners were introduced to ICARO soft-skills training platform by Lithuanian coordinators of the project. Learners got individual access to ICARO online training platform and were asked to make a primary review of the features at home. Following training sessions were organized in small groups taking into account the [...]

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From home to work: Heraklion


The training course "From Home to Work" arrives at Heraklion, Crete (Greece). The Greek partner of ICARO project, Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber (TIHC), organised on 12 to 18 March the training courses including 40 hours of the face to face classroom instruction.  The Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber (TIHC) coordinated the Blending learning program “From home to work”. This training was addressed to unemployed adult learners taking part in ICARO project.  The face to face classroom instruction with 25 participants and 3 tutors, successfully took place at 12th to 18th of March 2019 from Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry. [...]

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From home to work: Spain


The pilot course "From Home to work" has been developed during 6 weeks by 2 groups simultaneously, in two sessions per week of 4 hours each by the Spanish partner "SEF Servicio Regional de Empleo y Formación." This training is addressed to unemployed adult learners. to improve their employability thanks to Soft skills The face-to-face sessions were held in the employment offices of Murcia and Cartagena, where there are infrastructure and staff, both staff and material, for the proper development of the sessions. All the students had a computer, and, in each classroom, there was a screen for common work.  Each group [...]

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ICARO Spanish working meeting


The 23rd of January the SEF (Spanish team) celebrated a working meeting with professionals who will be in charge of mentoring and tutoring the "From home to work" course participants. These participants had the opportunity to attend the International Training in Hamburg last November. During these days, they exchanged views with other countries peers. The Spanish Team tackle issues such as: participants selection procedure, the face to face training sessions, the content and up to date aspects related to the online training. By the end of February the piloting course will take place. Next step will be to present the results [...]

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ICARO International Training in Hamburg


ICARO International Training took place from the 12 to the 16 of November at the Hamburger Volkshochschule (Hamburg). This training programme counted with the participation of five selected volunteers. The volunteers were adult educators or counsellor guides and were selected by the national partners in their home countries (Servicio Regional de Empleo y Formacion de Murcia; KEK Tehnikes Sholes Epimelitriou Irakleiou; Socialiniu Inovaciju Fondas and Hamburger Volkshochschule). The International Training aimed to train adult educators on soft-skills and receive feedback from ICARO training platform that will be used by them to orient unemployed adult learners on soft-skills. The five days-training were [...]

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Irish national training


Partners from DCU (Ireland) organised the national training on 19 and 26th October. These days according to Jane O'Kelly (DCU) "were very useful to all trainers and DCU researchers who took part'. The recognition of the work of ICARO, the sharing of experience and knowledge on soft skills in FET in Ireland and the review and discussion of the draft curriculum meant that all participants learned a great deal about the challenges of soft skills education and assessment. The experience and contributions from all participants were greatly appreciated. Some of the participants will attend to the International training in Hamburg, which  will for sure [...]

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The EPALE conference 2018 "Fostering an inspiring adult learning community" was held in Budapest on October 15th and 16th 2018. Over 250 delegates from across the 28 member states took part an estimated 39 languages represented. The focus of the conference was on adult education in Europe, the new Erasmus+ programme and how EPALE could continue to grow to support the adult education community. Heike Kölln-Prisner, from Hamburg Volkhochschule and Jane O’Kelly, from DCU, Dublin had the opportunity to talk with colleagues about soft skills assessment and discuss a learner-centred focus in adult education. The conference had presentations from: Dana Carmen Bachmann, [...]

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2nd LAG took place in Heraklion


The second LAG meeting took place in Heraklion in May to discuss the draft version of IO2. There have been present 5 members, representing 3 organizations experienced in Adult Education (TIHC, STEPC and Youthnet Hellas NGO).  The Group has also discussed the modules to be produced for IO3 and their potential to improve employability of adult people who are out of the job market.

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LAG members of Germany meeting


The second meeting of the LAG members of Germany took place on the 19th August. 13 members were present, representing the State Department of Education, the Chamber of Skilled Crafts, the trade unions, AE providers and other stakeholder. The results of the international survey were discussed and the surprising fact that the results in the different countries are very close. The members discussed where the results could be disseminated, especially since there is an initiative on Federal Level of Germany to enhance training for long-term unemployed persons. The local training for this group is of high interest and will be tried [...]

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