From home to work: Germany

//From home to work: Germany

The pilot course “From Home to work” started in Hamburg (Germany) on 13 March and it will last for 10-12 weeks. The training is coordinated by the German partner “Hamburger Volkshochshule”. This training is addressed to unemployed adult learners. to improve their employability thanks to Soft skills.

VHS – Deutschsprachkurs

There are 47 participants and they are all foreigners, coming from various countries including the EU area but as well as from Asia/Arabia. They all have German language comprehension on the level of B2, in fact, they are in the progress of finishing their B2-exams in German soon.  They will have 24 hours of teaching as a face-to-face training of the whole group,  and 14-16 additional hours in smaller groups to work on difficult tasks (due to the language).  The group consists of  22 women and 25 men. They are between 20-50 years old. The teacher, Martina Jürgensen, has already taken part in the International Course and therefore is very familiar with the subject.

Hamburger Volkshochshule already decided to use the material at least in 2 different settings after the lifetime of the project: 1. In German classes on level B2 for Vocational Training and there we will use some material that most fits the course level and topics.

In a different project starting in September, financed by the Job Agency, the Hamburger Volkshochshule will train unemployed persons seeking a job. There we will use entire modules or even themes from ICARO project.


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