From home to work: Heraklion

/From home to work: Heraklion

The training course “From Home to Work” arrives at Heraklion, Crete (Greece). The Greek partner of ICARO project, Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber (TIHC), organised on 12 to 18 March the training courses including 40 hours of the face to face classroom instruction. 

The Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber (TIHC) coordinated the Blending learning program “From home to work”. This training was addressed to unemployed adult learners taking part in ICARO project.  The face to face classroom instruction with 25 participants and 3 tutors, successfully took place at 12th to 18th of March 2019 from Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At the begging of the program, most of the participants have expressed their need to improve their personal and professional skills and competencies in order to be a better candidate for finding a job. This program was the answer to their needs.


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