German Multiplier event

//German Multiplier event

On June 18, the Hamburger Volkshochschule organised ICARO project national dissemination multiplier event.

The event was attended by around 30 participants from different organisations were present: State Departments, chambers, AE providers, labour unions, job agency representatives and district representatives.

The main discussions revolved around the need for Soft Skills in a changing and digitalized world of work (introduced by Jana Kappel, Chamber of Commerce Hamburg)  and the introduction to the ICARO project ICARO by Heike Kölln-Prisner. Following this, participants had the opportunity to discover the online the platform “From Home to Work ( “Soft skills für den Job)”  and to carry out a  face to face sessions lead by the trainer Martina Jürgensen. The seminar paid special attention to the need for acknowledgement of informal and non-formal learning in the vocational area, a session conducted by Jana Kappel. In the end, participants had time to exchange views and network.

Apart from the 30 external participants, several employees of Hamburger Volkshochschule were present to get informed about the platform and its further use.


The main feedback was that ICARO introduced a very interesting platform and that similar efforts can play a vital role in validating skills and competencies for the job, but there should also be validation systems in place to validate specialized vocational skills. Together these two ways can provide a good option for upskilling.


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