ICARO 2nd LAG took place in Lithuanian

/ICARO 2nd LAG took place in Lithuanian

The second LAG meeting in Lithuania took place in August 2018. The main objectives there were to discuss the progress of the project’s intellectual products and coming training events. The candidates for international training in Hamburg, November 2018, were proposed and selected.

It has been started the dissemination of information about the project and it’s coming products –  ICARO newsletter has been shared on SIF facebook and sent to Kaunas Regional Coordinators of Lithuanian Adult Education Association (LAEA); and the leaflet with basic information on ICARO project has been shared several times on SIF facebook and also sent to LAG organizations for wider dissemination among their clients.

The question of further dissemination of information about project activities, methodologies and coming local training will be discussed and action plan prepared on the third LAG meeting which is planned at the beginning of October.


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