Lithuanian Multiplier event

//Lithuanian Multiplier event

In Lithuania, ICARO project national dissemination multiplier events took place on June 20 and June 27.

  • On June 20 the event was attended by 23 participants and on June 27 – by 16 participants, representing different organizations:  Labour Exchange, Municipality, AE institutions, NGO.

Participants were welcomed by the head of European Innovation Centre Daiva Damuleviciene and representative of Lithuanian Adult Education Association, Prof Irena Zemaitaityte. The idea of soft skills training for low skilled job-seeking adults and ICARO project intellectual outputs were presented by Zivile Jonyniene (Social Innovation Fund).

Discussion on “How soft skills can improve the employability of long duration unemployed adults“ was held by Linas Likosius and Rasa Trepkuviene , who had run the ICARO piloting training in Lithuania. Participants had the opportunity to discover the Soft Skills Assessment Toolkit and online platform “From Home to Work“, also discussed the possibilities to use the ICARO IO‘s in their organization‘s work. Participants demonstrated a high interest in ICARO soft skills training materials.

Many of them pointed out it could be valuable to integrate the materials into adult training programs and demonstrated personal interest in created ICARO materials.


Overall assessment of the “Soft Skills Course” and Assessment Tool was good and very good. Most of the participants declared materials to be applicable in the practice of their organization and their overall assessment of the multiplier event was good or very good.


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