Local Action Group in Hamburg

/Local Action Group in Hamburg

On 19.January 2018, the first meeting of the Local Action Group of the partner in Hamburg, the Hamburger Volkshochschule was held.

The participants discussed the questionnaire regarding the competences in Soft

Skills, listened to a presentation of Prof. Dr. Zeuner of Helmut-Schmidt- University about participation in Adult Education and the need for acknowledgement of non-formal and informal competences.

Representatives of the following organisations were present:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Chamber of Skilled Crafts
  • State Department of Social Affairs
  • State Department of Education and vocational training
  • Association of AE- organsiations
  • State Department for Science
  • Advising Agency for Trainings in Hamburg
  • Labour union for public servants

The voting for the most needed Soft Skills in the different areas was done and showed very similar opinions.

The participants are anxious to learn about the results of the countries of all the other partners in ICARO.


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