Local Action Group in Heraklion

/Local Action Group in Heraklion

The 1st Local Action Group in Heraklion, Greece was organized by the Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber, on 18th December 2017.  Stakeholders who were invited to participate, derived from different types of organisations, working in Education/Adult Education/Entrepreneurship Training/Informal Training etc.

Representatives from the following organisations took part:

  • Decentralized Administration of the Region of Crete
  • Hellenic Open University
  • Youthnet Hellas, NGO
  • Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber
  • 2 Adult Educators experienced in Soft Skills training
  • Science and Technology Park of Crete

The meeting started with presentation of the project ICARO, the partnership, scopes, expected results, Intellectual Outputs.  Participants were presented with the aim of the Intellectual Output 1 and the need to compile the National Reports, in order to prepare the final report for all participating countries.   The ICARO Local Action Group showed great commitment and willingness to participate at the implementation of the programme and their comments, feedback and experience were vital for the compilation of the National Report for Greece.


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