ICARO has the following general (GOs) and specific (SOs) objectives:

GO1: Improve the employability and social inclusion of unemployed adult learners through the design and development of a holistic methodology

  • SO1.1: Improve stable collaboration among regional stakeholders through the creation of a Local Action Group (LAG) per region
  • SO1.2: Design and practical application of an online Curriculum on soft skills for unemployed adult learners with difficulties to (re)access into labour market
  • SO1.3: Enhance ICT skills in target groups through the use of online training portal

GO2: Improve training of adults educators / employment officer working with adult learners

  • SO2.1: Co-creation of teaching/mentoring methodology to support the acquisition of soft skills in unemployed adult learners
  • SO2.2: Organization of transnational practical application of the methodology to adult educators
  • SO2.3: Organize valorization events in partner countries among AE learners

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