SEF: meet Local Action Group in April

/SEF: meet Local Action Group in April

 The project Innovative Curriculum for Adult learners on soft skills (ICARO) is funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme and aims at designing a customised training itinerary adapted to the needs of unemployed adult learners, with low-skills and facing difficulties to access to labour market.

For this, the SEF once again gathered on April 26 representatives of stakeholder entities of the Murcia  Region related to employment orientation, recruitment of personnel and job insertion of disadvantaged groups on their way to achieve the ultimate goal of the project, which is none other than to provide job seekers a teaching method that helps them acquire these skills so valued by employers. 

Main questions were:

  • Which are the tools at hand for evaluation of #SoftSkills?
  • Do the tools have the same measurements?
  • On-line / In person?
  • Anything applicable to all Europe?

Thanks to the Spanish LAG we came up with new ideas, we identified new tools and new agents to add experience,  obstacles to overcome and potential solutions, finally a pilot testing of existing tools. 


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